AC Installation & Maintenance

AC Installation & Maintenance

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Air conditioner’s Installation

 Vinayagar has proven to be one of the leading contractors in AC’s installation services, we undertake jobs like Supply Installation, Testing and Commissioning for Commercial, Residential, Offices building, Villas, Showrooms, Stores, Warehouses, Hospitals, Schools and all other places.

Vinayagar is specialized in All type of air condition installation. Like Central air conditioner installation, Package type air conditioner installation, Ducted split type air conditioner installation and split air conditioner installation.

Air Conditioner’s Maintenance

Air condition maintenance division specializes in providing preventive AC’s maintenance and periodical servicing of all type of air conditioners under annual maintenance contract for Commercials Residential, Offices Building, Showrooms, Stores Warehouses, Schools, Malls, Hotels & Villa’s and all others.

Our air conditioner maintenance division undertakes maintenance and rectification of problems for all types of air conditioning equipment’s like Chillers, Ducted Split units, Package units & Decorative split units.

We have trained and dedicated teams. Those are stationed at the site in order to render the air conditioning maintenance jobs promptly & effectively. We are providing all kind of services regarding air condition maintenance. Our teams are equipped with well qualified technicians offering ac services to attend any breakdown or Complaint within a short span of time as per the complaint received.

We deal all kind of maintenance services like:

  • Chiller maintenance
  • Fan coil unit maintenance
  • Air handling unit maintenance
  • Split type air conditioner maintenance
  • Ducted split air conditioner maintenance
  • Package type air conditioner maintenance
  • All kind of duct fabrication of Air conditioning